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MPC is Wisconsin’s AaLadin dealer and repair center. We’ve been selling and servicing AaLadin pressure washers in Wisconsin for over 35 years. Buy your next AaLadin pressure washer from a company that has the experience, knowledge and service you can count on through the life of your machine. Buy Quality, buy USA.

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AaLadin hot water pressure washers are the highest quality machines in the industry and there’s a reason why people who go with AaLadin, always stick with AaLadin. When you purchase your AaLadin hot water pressure washer you’re purchasing a high quality American (USA*) made machine. Every component on an AaLadin is a high quality piece and never is there a corner cut. From the design to the manufacturing, nothing compares with the function and reliability that an AaLadin hot water pressure washer delivers. This is why AaLadin outlasts the competition. Reliability, quality and innovation is what AaLadin is known for and you can see that in their hot water pressure washers. High Efficiency machines that pay for themselves are an AaLadin exclusive found no where else in the industry. AaLadin Pump Clutch systems are a very popular and widely applied system that AaLadin features on their equipment and has been a massive industry game changer. Most brands sell low quality equipment knowing it’s going to break down and you’ll need to buy another machine sooner. AaLadin’s are built to last and last, delivering you the best VALUE for your dollar and in the end saving you more money than any other brand in the industry.

Meyer’s Pressure Cleaners has the highest quality service and parts behind your AaLadin machine purchase. No other company is going to give you the service that Meyer’s Pressure Cleaners and no other brand can deliver the quality that AaLadin can so when you make your investment in cleaning equipment make sure that you make the best choice.

*Make sure the equipment you buy that says “American Made” is made in the USA and not Canada or Mexico