Suttner ST-83


The cold fogging device ST-83 is perfect for disinfection, humidification,  odor neutralization, cooling, pest control, mold treatment and dust deposition for all small applications.

The scale on the bottle allows the agent to be mixed directly in the bottle.

This unit requires a source of compressed air with an effective air flow of approximately 200 l/min. Air pressure of 3 bar is required.

This is the air compressor that we recommend to pair with this sprayer is the Mi-T-M cart compressor


The cold disinfection device is placed in the room after the compressed air has been supplied. When using hazardous substances, the room should be left quickly and largely locked. Without inhaling the solution, the cold mist spreads throughout the room and penetrates even the smallest cracks for optimal use.


Material: stainless steel / plastic

Uniform spray pattern with fine droplets under 30µm

Productive use:

1 liter for rooms with 60m^3

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 12 in