BR 35/12 C Bp

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The race is always won in the corners.

Thanks to our innovative steerable scrub deck, the BR 35/12 C Bp can clean up to the wall at a 90° angle. It can also clean in reverse, or in any direction. The height-adjustable, telescoping steering column allows optimal ergonomics for any operator. The folding steering column also makes it easy to secure for transport.

Steer your way to cleaner floors

  • Our innovative steerable scrub deck allows for scrubbing in any direction, and provides perfect scrubbing right up to the edge.
  • The telescoping handle adjusts to any operator’s height P Brush height is adjustable for multiple floor types

Taking efficiency to the next level

  • Kärcher’s unique eco!efficiency mode features increases operating time by 50%, and reduces noise by 40%.


Cleaning path/width in 14

Brush type clyindrical/disc/pad cylindrical

Brush quantity units 1

Brush diameter in 3.8

Suction bar (squeegee) width in 18

Drive pad-assist/traction brush-assist

Solution/recovery capacity gal 3/3

Theoretical/practical productivity sq. ft/hr 15,069/10,550

Operating noise level – std/Eco! mode dBA 66/62

Battery charger shelf/on-board on-board

Battery runtime min 66-90

Battery charging time hrs 1-3

Battery lifetime-est charging cycles x thousands 3

Brush contact pressure lbs 29

Brush speed rpm 700-1,050

Vac motor rating watts 280

Vac motor suction cfm 42

Waterlift in of water 32

Weight with batteries lbs 77

Dimensions (LxWxH) in 39 x 18 x 51