BD 50/50 C Classic Bp

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Professional cleaning, now made easier.

This economically-designed scrubber provides you all the cleaning power to take on large jobs—perfect for retail environments, schools and health care facilities.

Easy to use

  • Three cleaning modes make it simple for any operator to get the job done right
  • The slim design of the Kärcher BD 50/50 allows you to see in front of the scrubber easier
  • Home Base kit allows for carrying of other essentials on the machines, for less visits to the supply closet.

Cleaning path/width: 20″

Brush type clyindrical/disc/pad: pad

Brush quantity: 1

Brush diameter: 20″

Suction bar (squeegee) width: 33″

Drive pad-assist/traction: pad-assist

Solution/recovery capacity: 13.2/13.2 gal

Theoretical/practical productivity sq. ft/hr 13,200/9,900

Operating noise level – std/Eco! mode: 66 dBA

Battery charger shelf/on board: shelf

Brush contact pressure: 59-62 lbs

Brush speed rpm: 180

Vac motor rating: 500 watts

Vac motor suction: 51 cfm

Waterlift in of water 48

Weight with batteries: 306 lbs

Dimensions (LxWxH) in 47 x 21 x 39