BD 30/4 C Bp

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Sweat the small stuff.

When you manage a small, congested facility you are faced with the challenge of manually cleaning around furniture and other tight areas. The BD 30/4 C Bp is the solution you have been hoping for. Get professional results every time with this compact scrubber.
It fits anywhere you need to clean—in and around furniture, in narrow hallways and more.

Designed for busy areas

  • Right-sized for cleaning tight, congested areas
  • 100% water pickup in the corners, leaving your floors safe & dry

Daytime operation

  • Eco! efficiency mode for quiet daytime operation
  • Our innovative design allows for backwards scrubbing


Cleaning path/width in 11

Brush type clyindrical/disc/pad disc

Brush quantity units 1

Brush diameter in 11

Suction bar (squeegee) width in 12

Drive pad-assist/traction pad-assist

Solution/recovery capacity gal 0.8/1.1

Theoretical/practical productivity sq. ft/hr 6,000/4,000

Operating noise level – std/Eco! mode dBA 69/66

Battery charger shelf/on board shelf

Battery runtime min 60

Battery charging time min or hrs 120

Battery lifetime-est charging cycles x thousands 2

Brush contact pressure lbs 22

Brush speed rpm 190

Vac motor rating watts 240

Vac motor suction cfm 10.4

Waterlift in of water 9

Weight with batteries lbs 44

Dimensions (LxWxH) in 22 x 15 x 41