B 90 R Adv Bp

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Everything you could ever wish for

The ride-on B 90 R scrubber is everything you ever dreamed of. Features such as the working width, squeegee length, design and scrubber system can be selected to suit individual requirements. The machine is then tailor-made to suit your specific requirements.

Customize the B 90 for your needs

  • Three working widths are available: 22”, 26” and 30”.
  • Curved or straight squeegee bars are available.

Simple to operate and simple to maintain

  • Everything is controlled by one easy-to-use switch
  • Cylindrical brushes save water and detergent.
  • The brush heads are easy to replace and do not require tools

Cleaning path/width

in 22/26/30

Brush type

cylindrical/disc/pad Cylindrical and disc

Brush quantity

units 2

Brush diameter

in Varies

Suction bar (squeegee) width

in 33.5-37


pad-assist/traction Traction

Solution/recovery capacity

gal 24/24

Theoretical/practical productivity

sq. ft/hr 42,000/29,400

Operating noise level – std/Eco! mode

dBA 69

Battery charger

shelf/on board On-Board

Brush contact pressure

lbs 92-194

Brush speed

rpm 625/980/1550

Drive /vac motor rating

watts 600/550-750

Vac motor suction

cfm 43


in of water 65

Weight with batteries

lbs 680

Dimensions (LxWxH)

in 57 x 32 x 47

Minimum turning radius

ft 2.6

Climbing ability – maximum slope

% grade 10

Max. working speed

mph 3.7